Obamacare Revisited

About 2 years ago I wrote an article on Obamacare basically praising Obama for even taking on the issue and arguing that Obamacare is a necessary law. My basic argument was that it… Continue reading

Opposition to Birthright Citizenship is un American

First of all can we just say that Donald Trump is unfit to be President? The sideshow he’s running, while entertaining, is Palinish and that might actually be disrespectful to Sarah. I’m tempted… Continue reading

We must support the Iran deal

This month Congress will vote on whether or not to sign a deal that would lift the sanctions on Iran while placing the most extensive nuclear inspection regime ever on the country. When… Continue reading

DarkCaesar: Bad as She Wanna be

One of my main concerns about Hip Hop is that it is dominated by males and a lot of songs and videos address women that we might want to spend a night with… Continue reading

The Perisistence of Police Brutality: Part 1

The first thing about police brutality is that it’s not a problem. It’s a symptom of severe issues in American society. The first and most primary one is racism. Contrary to the way… Continue reading

The Persistence of Police Brutality: The Timeline

I am currently writing a blog post entitled “The Persistence of Police Brutality.” I created a timeline which I think highlights some very important dates. I’ll refer to many of these dates in… Continue reading

DarkCaesar: Why the title

As with all my albums, “DarkCaesar” has a unifying message behind it. My first album “Anything is Possible” was kind of self-evident. I was trying to let people know that anything that they… Continue reading

Avengers: A philosophical investigation of the first Avengers movie

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last month or so you know that Avengers 2: Age of Ultron comes out in movie theaters today. But instead of talking about that movie… Continue reading

Baltimore Riots: 50 Shades of (Freddie) Gray

So what do you want me to say? Should I say rioting is wrong and violence is not the answer? Should I say rioting is a symptom and we should address the causes?… Continue reading

Selma: The Activist’s Playbook

The thing that struck me about Selma was the way it delivered the activist playbook to the masses. While people took issue with the portrayal of President Johnson in the movie, they overlooked… Continue reading