The Obama Doctrine (Part 2)

As I said before I think the President’s handling of the Ukraine crisis indicates some things about his foreign policy beliefs and I think that this is a great time to try to… Continue reading

Ukraine: Why is it so important?

Since I finally got around to writing about Ukraine I figured I’d go ahead and fill in some reasons why Ukraine is important to the Russia and the United States. Why is Ukraine… Continue reading

The Obama Doctrine: A war of dollars instead of missiles

Generally speaking, the attachment of a President’s name to a doctrine is about a foreign policy position and by now it is public knowledge that President Obama has been confronted with some great… Continue reading

The N Word (Part 3) Is it Love?

So why do Black people claim it is a term of endearment? Somewhere along the line the N-Word became shorthand for “I understand.” It’s not that the N Word is a good word… Continue reading

The N Word: (Part 2) It’s more than Black and White

Knowing what I know about American history it is pretty obvious that for White people the word meant “slave, animal, property, inferior.” As time went on and stereotypes of Black people became more… Continue reading

The N Word: (Part 1) An Introduction

Yesterday ESPN aired a special on the N-word. The special was brought on by a proposal by the NFL to penalize use of the word by players. I wonder why the NFL is… Continue reading

Kendrick vs. Macklemore

I wasn’t going to comment on the fact that Macklemore “robbed” Kendrick at the Grammy’s. But it’s the confluence of Hip Hop and Race! How could I let it go completely and not… Continue reading

Richard Sherman: 500 Years a Slave

I watched the whole game on Sunday and I thought Sherman’s actions afterward were hilarious. I  noticed that when he went up to Crabtree after the game and stuck out his hand Crabtree… Continue reading

Mandela’s Challenge

Nelson Mandela passed away on December 5th and I made a promise to myself that I my next post would be dedicated to him. So here goes. I just basically want to talk… Continue reading

Byron’s Conception (A short story by Karizmatic)

“Clone Byron 5 wants to know why humans believed in God.” The android known as Victor blinked in wonderment. “What?” The computer repeated the statement. “Clone Byron 5 wants to know why humans… Continue reading