We should raise gas taxes

Wow! We are almost a month into the New Year and I haven’t written anything. There is so much to talk about. Charlie Hebdo, the President’s State of the Union, Deflategate, Boko Haram,… Continue reading

Eric Garner: No Country for Black Men

I have written on Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown before. The most recent addition in this sad and ongoing story in American history is Eric Garner. I have the privilege of knowing young… Continue reading

Google: Who Watches the Watchman?

Yesterday I read an article which highlights the recent activities of Google. In short, Google has taken it upon itself to enhance internet security by hacking not only its own programs, but the… Continue reading

Janay Rice: Men shouldn’t hit women

Ok here we go I finally got up enough courage and have done enough thinking on this subject that I feel that I can speak on this issue without saying something thoroughly ignorant… Continue reading

Obama Speech: We are all to blame pt. 3

A couple of days ago President Obama gave a speech in which he described how he was re-engaging American military forces in Iraq to combat the growing terrorist threat from ISIS (Islamic State… Continue reading

Mike Brown: Let’s talk about it.

I hope that you will excuse me for not writing about this issue immediately. But for someone like me who studies these types of issues regularly it takes a while before my mind… Continue reading

Iraq: We Are All to Blame…pt 2…Barack Obama

Now that we’ve given proper attention to how this whole sordid mess got started we can move on because there is no one whose hands are clean when it comes to Iraq. This… Continue reading

Iraq: We Are All to Blame pt. 1…George W. Bush

George Bush famously commented that history would judge whether his actions in Iraq were successful or not. At this point I think we have enough evidence to understand that this is definitely not… Continue reading

Eric Cantor: 4 Things I Learned from his Ridiculous Primary Loss

It’s been a while but now that the NBA playoffs are over (Congratulations Spurs) I am trying to get my life back in order. My life basically stops during the NBA playoffs but… Continue reading

Don Sterling: The Aftermath

If you have been following my twitter you know that I have been spending most of my time watching the NBA playoffs. So it was much to my dismay that my favorite time… Continue reading