DarkCaesar: Bad as She Wanna be

One of my main concerns about Hip Hop is that it is dominated by males and a lot of songs and videos address women that we might want to spend a night with as opposed to women we would spend our whole lives with. As men we focus on the materials or money we have and look at that as reason for a woman to be with us, as opposed to trying to understand that a lot of the women we want are looking for men with strong character. It is my belief that a person of strong character will eventually be a prosperous person as well and by just focusing on getting money by any means we are actually putting the cart before the horse. A man that focuses on getting more money and more toys at the expense of everything else, will usually find himself with a woman who prizes those things above all else and that’s not necessarily a woman that will stick around if and when times get rough. As a result, we tend to focus on the type of woman we don’t want as opposed to honoring the ones we do. I’d like to see more diversity in the types of messages we send to women.

“Bad as she wanna be” is my effort at honoring the type of woman I find most attractive. I am just as attracted to a beautiful woman as any other man, but I only wanted to address that in passing so that I could focus on the kind of character that makes a woman a queen.

A queen is a woman who is a visionary and looking to fulfill her own purpose in life. She has big ideas and she strives to bring her dreams to life. Not every woman wants to be married, but for those that do, they understand that marriage is a partnership and they want to be full partners with their husband. She engages with her man’s plans and helps him accomplish his goals and he (being the king he should be) does the same for her. A queen knows how to plan for the long-term and is an asset in all situations because she can provide clear insight to what is going on. She acts as an advisor and a second set of eyes. She is spiritually centered and that allows her to add stability to everything around her. These characteristics make her a comfort in times of stress, and an equal and indispensable life partner.