The Color of Friendship

So yesterday I was randomly flipping channels and I happened to land on a segment with two young girls, one black and one white and the first thing I heard out of the young black girl’s mouth was, “did you just call me a n—er?” So naturally I had to watch the whole thing just to see if I was hallucinating. It turns out it was this movie on the Disney channel called the Color of Friendship about a young South African girl who was an exchange student with the Dellums family during Ron Dellums protests against apartheid.

It turned out to be an interesting movie, I suppose it was decent fare for Black history month; the racial slur on cable tv notwithstanding. I’ll leave that alone for now ( But I may have return to it in a later post). However,  the movie did shed light on a Black figure I wasn’t that aware of in Ron Dellums.

On another completely separate topic I was talking to a friend of mine who is also in the music industry and we were discussing the pros and cons of signing to a major record label.

The problem with many record deals, is that as an artist you are often signed to a deal where you get points.  A point is equivalent to a percentage of the dollar so if you get 5 points, that’s like 5 cents off the dollar of every album you sell. Using this formula an artist almost has to go platinum (sell a million records) just to really live comfortably. On top of that since the record company is paying for the record to get made they often dictate to the artist what songs to make, what their image will be, etc. So often it is the record company supported by huge corporations that control whatever the artist is saying. During Black History month when I figure there will be some of the usual annual questions about why  rappers aren’t being more positive or putting more positive images out there, I think we should remember that the corporations who control these artists could have a huge say in changing this dynamic; if they chose morality over money.

Well those are my thoughts for now, Karizmatic is going to keep moving, I’m working on putting my music up on my fan page on facebook, so if you’re not a fan already just look up Karizmatic on facebook and become one. Soon I’ll have some music up there for everyone to listen to. I might even put a couple of new or maybe just unreleased tracks up there.