First Entry

I created this blog just to catch all my ideas from my day to day life. So I guess the best thing to do is to explain exactly who I am. I am an author, hip hop artist, policy analyst, and self appointed pundit named Karizmatic. My plan for this blog is just to put down all my ideas, theories, and philosophies. I’ll be addressing all things from what’s going on with Hip Hop (you’ll find I’m sort of a Hip Hop purist), to politics ( I’m a self proclaimed independent, but I do lean left) I voted for Obama and was proud to do so. I’ll also share my thoughts on sports (GO LAKERS! The Cowboys lost in the playoffs, but that’s ok). In addition I’ll also be talking about the projects I’m working on as far as books I’m writing to albums I’m working on and artists I’m working with. Part of the purpose of this blog was just to give me a bigger internet presence for all my projects.
You can catch me at:
follow me on twitter @thekarizmatic1
or be one of my fans on facebook, just look up Karizmatic

Right now I have an album out called Anything is Possible.
Hopefully once I solidify my internet presence it will be available online, it’s not yet. If you want to get at me for it I can definitely arrange to have one sent out.

That’s it for now, I’m going to keep it real interesting on a wide variety of topics.

Be easy.