Song for Syria (Part 2)

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As you can see the events in Syria have incredible consequences for the entire region and the world and that is only the Geopolitics involved in the situation. As I turn my attention back to the Syrian people I note that 100,000 of them have been killed since the conflict began with another 1.5 million fleeing the country, and 4 million being displaced inside the country (read homeless).

I recently read that many of those people have fled to Turkey and even as far as Greece, only to find those countries saddled with economic hardship and an intolerant eye to refugees.

The President has no good options in Syria, the American people are tired of military conflict, and public opinion is that the President should turn his attention toward domestic issues. However, if the President does not act then what does that say about his belief that America should always intervene when dictators turn weapons of mass destruction on their own people?

If America does nothing and the Syrian government remains in power, it may constrict American influence in the region for a prolonged period. Even worse, Iran will be seen as a rising military power in the Middle East by Israel, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, not to mention their allies in Syria and the terrorist group Hezbollah. The ramifications of this situation are unpredictable and may be untenable for America.

If America intervenes it is yet another military action in the Middle East that may continue for an unknown amount of time resulting in more American blood and treasure sacrificed to stave off a regional conflict that it may not be possible to stop.

In summary, the President has a lot of thinking to do and every day that he does nothing the situation worsens on many fronts. This is another situation where the President will have to choose the lesser of two evils. The Middle East is in dire straits, wracked by bloody divisions in religion and economic hardship. If President Obama decides to intervene he stands to stop the bloodshed that is occurring now, but he may only postpone the inevitable bloodshed that is to come in the Middle East.

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